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Photopod Rental ... 995   - includes (3) hrs w/  Attendant 


  ( Printed 4x6 photo-cards optional )

FREE WEB downloads of all 4"x6" cards

Includes PhotoPod photographer.

Delivery and setup. 

On screen large composite previews for your guests to see and enjoy.

CD burned with all the copies of your edited photo cards. 


OPTION I   - Printed 4x6 guest photo cards at your event ... 295

OPTION II - Guest Boo0k Album  w/ duplicate prints ... 195

OPTION III  - Costumes and Props  ...  35

OPTION IV  - Backdrop  ...  35


*  Additional Kiosk Hours  ... 100/hr

*  Additional Kiosk Hours (Inactive/Dinner)  ... 50/hr

*  Remote Delivery beyond Free 15 miles  ... 100/ea 15 miles

*  Holiday surcharge may apply (call) ... 100

*  Deposits and/or payments to secure reservations are Non-refundable




Custom Designed 4x6 Photo Cards


PHOTOPOD Advantages :


Three Times Faster - No Long Lines

Old photo booths are too slow for big parties, averaging

2-3 minutes per cycle... and even 30 seconds just to print.

Guests can use the Photopod over and over

Large 4x6 Custom Card w/ Big Photos

More than just a strip, the Photopod produces a large 4x6 photo card

with big 2 inch photos (twice the 1" size on strips), customized for free,

 with plenty of space to express yourself with graphics or photos.

Group shots - Open Design

The Photopod can fit an unlimited number of people in each shot,

better than old booth with limited space designed for only 2 people

Free Photo Card WEB downloads

Everyone gets a free digital copy, even if multiple people are in each shot.

 Each guest gets a link for downloading any

photo card for free for printing or posting on facebook.

Host Copies

After the event, you get a disk with all the photo cards to view and print.

Big View Screen Preview

Large touch screen to watch as you pose, with full on-screen

previews for guests, and even onlookers, to see and enjoy instantly.

Real Photographer Attendant

We provide a real photographer to run the Pod, crop photos & pose guests

Compact Modern Kiosk

Slim design does not take a lot of floor space and can fit in any room



Custom Designed 4x6 Photo Cards

Fun for one or make it a group shot! Your guests will enjoy the fun, spontaneous experience

 that only a digital PHOTOPod can deliver and each guest will create a truly special, lasting

memento of the occasion to take home or download free for them to save and print as often as

they wish. The possibilities are limitless.  Each session includes 4 black and white, color or sepia

tone poses. You can also add a graphic theme to customize each strip. From Wedding

receptions, Birthday and Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, to Private and Corporate Parties the PHOTOPod

makes your event a one of a kind experience keeping your guests engaged.